Friday, February 18, 2011

Hot Off the Press; New Social Network for Android Users; I Am Android

Oh my gosh folks, have I got great news for all you Android lovers. There's a new social network  built just for us. I just got back from signing up (wanted to the minute I heard about it), and I'm in love after only spending about a half hour on it. The greatest part was the IRC like chat, so much fun! Chat is right on the main page and allows for instant access with all members.

If you like Facebook, and Twitter, you are gonna love 'I Am Android'. It's a whole new concept, and so far I really like what I see. Come join in on all the fun, and friend me. My nick on 'I Am Android' is 'Jewle'.

Please pay attention to the word 'beta'. It's still new, and a work in progress, so don't be surprised if some features aren't running quite right.

Get The Beautiful Widgets Android App; Its Name Says it All

Have you ever gotten jealous watching someone use their HTC Android device, because it has such beautiful widgets? Well, no need for that jealousy any longer, now there's an app for that. No matter what Android device you use, you too can have those beautiful widgets. 

Beautiful Widgets is available now in the Android Market, or on AppBrain. (use QR Code supplied) It costs $1.98, which is not too much to pay for such eye candy. Judging by the reviews in the Android Market, it sure seems well worth a wee bit of your 'green'.


  • 400 Free Skins to download
  • More than 15 Weather Animations
  • 4-day Weather Forecast for any location
  • Date Widget
  • Clock Widget
  • Weather Widget
  • Toggles Widget

I'm sure there will be much more to come with updates. Please have fun with this. Your phone will be 'the talk of the town' by everyone that lays eyes on such BEAUTIFUL WIDGETS!

Radio Shack Undercuts AT&T; Atrix 4G $149 Starting February 22nd

Radio Shack has announced on its Facebook Page it will be selling the AT&T Motorola Atrix 4G for only $149 starting February 22nd when this device goes on sale. This is Radio Shack's out-of-the-door price you'll be paying, it does not require a mail-in rebate like other retailers. This adds up to a $50 savings over the price offered by AT&T. They will also offer the laptop dock for $329.99 when bought with the phone. The phone and dock package will cost a total of $479.99, which is $20 cheaper from AT&T. My recommendation is to skip the laptop dock for now, and purchase one standard dock, and one multimedia dock. I'm not sure of Radio Shack's pricing on these.

The Atrix 4G is one of the first high-end Android smartphones available at AT&T. They will also be getting the Samsung Infuse 4G, and the HTC Inspire 4G. To read more info about the Atrix 4G, please use the above 'Facebook' or 'Atrix 4G' link above.

Who's heading over to the 'The Shack' to grab one of these on February 22nd? I might just do it myself if I could sell my current phone and get out of my contract. Geez, contracts!

Google One Pass; One Login to Subscription Digital Newsstand on Any Device You Own

I also write for Android Headlines. ( Please check out the link below to visit this site. I chose this article to blog since I'm really amazed at what a great concept this is, and how I can hardly wait to use it. I'm sure it will significantly increase the number of online newspaper and magazine subscriptions for Publishers. The easier something is to access, the more people will use it.

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