Saturday, January 22, 2011

Nexus One Update to Cure SMS Bug, But Still No Gingerbread

Google has made an update available for the Nexus One, which is said to fix the SMS bug that has been reported by many Android users. It's only a small patch (550 KB), which will bring your firmware up to 2.2.2, and build number will update from the current FRG83D to FRG83G. This update should be arriving over-the-air to your Nexus One very soon.

Google & Motorola Worked Together to Create the Top Tablet

On one side Google, on the other side Motorola, and when they came together they created one heck of a great Android 3.0 Honeycomb comes the Motorola XOOM.

What's Google getting out of this you might ask? According to Dave Burke, the engineering manager for Mobile at Google, 'we wanted to work with the most  advanced hardware' and Google believes that's the XOOM.

We already know the XOOM has a 1 GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 Dual-Core chipset. We also know that many of the new tablets will have this same chipset. It must be the whole package working together in the XOOM that has so impressed Google.

Motorola has stated that more features would be added to the XOOM, both before and after launch. Included in the over-the-air updates, there will be a connected music player. Burke made clear to all tablet manufacturers that they are free to tweak the platform as needed, because of Android's open source code.

Happy Valentines Day Angry Birds

We all love playing Angry Birds, and what better Valentines Day gift from Rovio, than to bring us another Angry Birds Edition similar to the Halloween and Christmas Seasons Edition. This is the most popular Android game (also on iPhone), even for folks that are normally not into games, well, they get addicted too and play for hours.

When is this due out, well, February 14th of course! Check out the YouTube video below to see what Rovio has been working on. I can't wait for this since I've really missed playing Angry Birds. I have finished all the levels, but I did enjoy playing levels over again on a bigger screen this Christmas when my nephew and I rooted his new Color Nook. BTW, can't wait for more tablets to come out either. It's even more exciting to play Angry Birds on a larger touch-screen.

So, you and your Sweetheart get ready to have an Angry Birds competition this Valentines Day. Don't get too wrapped up though, you want to have time for other things...wink!

Android Developer Conference; San Francisco; March 7-9, 2011