Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Zip Sweet Honeycomb to your Nook Color

When it was announced several days ago that you could now put Android 3.0 Honeycomb on your Nook Color's internal memory, the methods were quite difficult. You will be happy to find out a much simpler method has come to light. The latest version of deeper-blue's Android 3.0 port can now be flashed as a zip file in ClockworkMod Recovery.

I haven't tried this myself, but based on the comments it sounds like a go. We can all thank samuelhalff for putting this zip file together for us. You can use this complete how to guide to install Honeycomb to your Nook Color's internal memory. (both old & new method) Please be aware, you will be erasing everything that is currently on your internal memory of your Nook.

Love this very inexpensive way to have a pure Honeycomb tablet, especially considering the price of $799.99 just announced for the new Honeycomb Motorola XOOM tablet. Gotta love those smart developers. Now get busy, so you can enjoy your sweet Honeycomb Nook Color tablet!

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