Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Android Market to get BBC iPlayer App

Another new app comes to Android, this time from the BBC. They have officially announced the BBC iPlayer will come to the Android Market later this week. We know we can currently use this service on our Android phones in a web browser, but this new app makes it much better. You will be furnished with a snazzy user interface, and better touchscreen experience.

The app will let you stream live TV and radio, which is not possible with the web interface. You can also play catch-up-TV, which we all need today in our busy lifestyles. To enjoy the BBC app you will need at least Android 2.2, and Flash Player 10.1 on your device.

BBC iPlayer will be free in the UK to all TV fee payers, but here in North America and other countries BBC will launch a subscription-based version of their service. 

All this information being placed in the palm or our hand must be making us all much smarter, right?

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