Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Eric Schmidt Former Google CEO Talks Android at MWC

Eric Schmidt has been throwing around some numbers today at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and it's no surprise they represent great news for Android.

Google Android OS is rapidly increasing its market share in the mobile device community. They are slicing into that pie, and just may end up with the biggest piece if the competition can't catch up.

Schmidt wowed us with figures during his keynote, saying the numbers represent an increase of three times the amount they were just nine months ago. He stated that Android is now on over 170 compatible devices, 27 OEMs, 169 carriers, in 69 countries, and over 150,000 apps available in the Android Market. That's a whole lotta Android love!

Another remarkable figure Schmidt mentioned is 350,000, which is the number of Android devices currently being activated each and every day. It has bounced up quickly since late summer 2010 when that figure was 200,000 per day.

Are the Google guys happy? I would certainly hope so with that much growth in such a short time, with an operating system that is less than 3 years old. Apple will have to do some fancy slicing of that pie very soon, or Google will certainly eat the most.

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