Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Effortlessly Send Links With Google 'Chrome to Phone'

I know it's happened to me. I sit down at my desktop or laptop computer, and come across a really cool app or mobile website, then I have to type that whole address into my phone! Well, no more of that for me now that I've become a Chrome to Phone App user.

To use Chrome to Phone search the Android Market for the app, and install on your device. On your computer you must download the 'Google Chrome to Phone' extension for the Google Chrome Browser, and install it. It takes a few seconds, and will place a new icon on your browser toolbar in the right top corner. While on the page you want to send to your phone, just click the Chrome to Phone icon, and voila, the link will instantly open on your mobile phone.

This method saves me so much time, now I go hunting just for things to send to my phone. It's become very fun, instead of very tedious. Please note, Chrome to Phone will only work if you have Android 2.2 Froyo or higher running on your device.

Go ahead, try it. I'm sure this alone will make you a huge fan of devices running Android. You'll never want any other OS on your smartphone. You will certainly become an Android addict, as you can see...I'm already there.


The Neat Geek said...

Thanks! I'm going to try this. I usually just email myself the links.

technoloJ said...

Your very welcome. I love it!

Priscella said...

Thanks!!! I tried it and it works GREAT!!!!!