Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Sprint & T-Mobile Merger; Will It Happen?

I've heard this morning that Deutsche Telekom is in talks with Sprint to create a merger. I know, we've heard this all before, and honestly I don't know if there's any weight to it this time, but people at Bloomberg seem to think so.

Sprint and T-Mobile are the third and fourth largest US carriers respectively. This is being called a merger rather than a buy-out since Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile) will still have a major share of the newly formed company. What do you think the new name should be? Please leave me some comments, so we can come up with one. What do you think of the new logo at the top of this article? Is that a good name?

Timotheus Hoettges, CFO of Deutsche Telekom says, "All options are open in the U.S. to sell the whole business or parts of it separately." Business Week tells us that talks have been on and off, with the biggest stumbling block being failure to mutually agree on the value of T-Mobile.

I personally, being a T-Mobile customer do hold hope that this merger will soon go through. It can only bring better wireless service and pricing for all. A blended company will also have much more competitive strength against Verizon and AT&T.

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