Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Install Chomp and Quickly Find the Apps You Need

Need a better search engine for the Android Market, when the default one fails to find what you want, and frustrates you? Well, 'Chomp' is here to our rescue! I've just installed it myself to my Nexus One, and it works wonderfully. It is much more versatile, and accurate than the default Market search.

Let's face it, we don't always know the name of the app we want, and would prefer to search for it by its function. When you search the Android Market by app name, it works great, but if you search by function it falls short.

Let's just look at a few comparisons of the search results achieved through the default and Chomp. OK, I want a bar-code scanner, so I type in 'bar code scanner'. With the default Market search, two of the top three results are not what I want, they are calorie counters. The second result however, is a very good bar-code scanner.

Now I type in the same thing into 'Chomp', and right away I get the top three most popular bar-code scanners.

I want a web browser next, so I type in 'web browser'. Once again two of the top three results are not what I wanted with Market search. The first is a file explorer, and the third is a music app. The second result is a web browser.

Now I type the same thing into 'Chomp', and again, the top three search results are the most popular, highly-rated web browsers.

So, there you have it. I think you get a clear idea that 'Chomp' is much more accurate, and its a very stunning app as far as appearance too. Why not install 'Chomp' right now, and stop getting all those annoying unrelated and irrelevant search results through the Market search. Chomp is free, and a pleasure to use.

Please enjoy the following video of a quick Chomp demo if you are still not convinced.

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