Thursday, February 3, 2011

Angry Birds Rio Coming to an Android App Market Near You

The new version of Angry Birds called Rio, which is due out in March isn't really based on the 20th Century Fox movie Rio due out in April. The two are similar in the fact that the cast are birds. Rovio and 20th Century Fox saw an opportunity to team up, and combine their bird themed entertainment into a fun adventure for everyone. This means for both movie goers and game players. If you happen to be both then there's twice as much fun in store. Angry Birds Rio will offer 45 new levels of game play based around the characters and events in the new movie Rio.

Those of you readers addicted to the game Angry Birds, myself included, will be pleased to welcome another edition of Angry Birds with more levels to master. Angry Birds is an incredibly fun way to waste your time, I mean pass the time. 

I've included two trailers below. The first is the Angry Birds Rio Trailer. It's meant to show us how the Angry Birds got to Rio, and got mixed up with the characters in the film Rio. The second trailer is the actual 20th Century Fox movie Rio. I enjoyed them both.

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