Friday, February 4, 2011

Android Market Comes to the Web

Google has now released a Web-based version of the Android Market available at This allows you to link to applications, find apps with your computer, and install them over the air to your phone.

All applications are available on the Android Web Market. This means the web version is much more extensive than what's installed on your phone, which is geared for a certain device, or certain version of Android. If you live in a country that only allows you to install free apps, you can now find paid apps. If your phone still uses Android Donut, you'll be able to find apps for Froyo. Now everyone can explore the Android Market whether or not they even use an Android device.

I haven't tried to install yet from the web, but one source reports trying to install an application from the website, but got a message "invalid request." I can only assume that Google has some additional tweaks to perform on the site, or it was simply user error.

Get on over to to check it out. If you currently don't use an Android device, this may just entice you to do so after experiencing the exhaustive amount of entertainment, and utilities available for Android smartphones. If you do decide to pick up an Android device, be sure to try the game Angry Birds.

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