Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Port Your Own Number With Google Voice

Google Voice number porting is now available for all users. You might just be wondering...what is number porting? I'm glad you asked! Stated simply, it's an agreement that allows telephone numbers to be moved between telecom companies. In other words, like you have a personal plate number registered to your car for life, well, now that mobile number remains yours for life.
Now the cost, its not free like the Google Voice number you may have now, but its not expensive either. $20 will get you Google Voice number porting, and then you must end your current contract with the carrier you are using. It does sound a bit confusing, so please view the short YouTube video at the end of this article.
This is the only number you will ever need, and you can set it up to ring any phone (or computer) you may have, whether it be at home, at work, an Android, iPhone or a Blackberry. It works on landlines too, not just mobiles. So, no matter where you are, the ring will sound.
This service also includes the ability to send free text messages with your computer or mobile data. You can screen calls, and it will transcribe voice messages to text, so you can read them too. (although the transcription isn't the greatest, it needs some work)
So, if you're one to change your carrier often, this gives you the freedom to do just that without having to give all your contacts a new number. Now take a peek at the video.

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